Building Blocks that won't Tumble!

Are you wanting to be heathier, wealthier and wiser or have a great skill set? Most people will answer YES!! As humans most of us desire to be more than we are, do more than we are and have more than we do. Improvement is a great motivator.

Let's reframe that though. Are you wanting to put in the extra hard work at the gym to get healthy, work longer hours trying to get wealthy or spend your down time, early mornings and evenings to develop a great skill set? Are you ready for these sacrifices? Many people would say...not really or it would take them longer to answer this question!

Ironically they are the same questions. If you invest in your health, wealth and skill set the benefits will increase.

The difference in the first questions, and the second set of questions is that the second set makes us think about what actions we will have to take. It shows us the "cost" of doing. We generally are not as quick to respond when we know it will "cost" us. Out of all of these questions for me, getting healthy was the hardest. I have excess weight to lose because I am pre-diabetic and have high cholesterol. The outcome of continuing the life style I had would be detrimental to my health and longevity of life. You would think that would be a great motivator. Yet, I still struggle to make better choices when I eat. It's the habit I've created that make the "cravings".

So how then do we get those building blocks to stand and not tumble? The hardest word of all, SELF-DISCIPLINE. "Everything worthwhile is uphill." ~ John C. Maxwell.

If you want to gain one thing you will have to sacrifice another. Create a new habit of healthier living, better spending habits and creating new or improved skill sets. You have to be consistent. Just as I had a habit of eating late at night or snacking through out the day, I had to be consistent in making better choices. I had to develop a new habit. Habits take time. It took me several years to create the bad habits, so replacing them with new ones will not come overnight or in a week. I have to create the process to help make my habits part of my subconscious routine. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips, I reach for an apple or celery. I still get the crunch my brain needs and it's a healthier choice.

Improvement means that I have to be consistent and my efforts will show over time; that is the "cost" or trade off. We have to develop that SELF-DISCIPLINE piece that will help us make the sacrifice, pay the cost so we can follow through.

I have to know my why! Why do I care if I lose weight and eat better. What's in it for me? When I lose weight I will not have diabetes, so I will not have to medicines and worry about all the other side effects of diabetes. When I lose weight I will be able to enjoy life better and live longer. I want to be able to run and play with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

SELF-DISCIPLINE is a commitment to something greater than our own time and effort. Our effort has meaning. It shows that we can want something and actually attain it.