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Brenda Saxe

Youth Impact Coach & Leadership Development Trainer


As a wife, mother, grandmother, business woman, author and growth leader she shares her passion for suicide prevention and awareness, overcoming the automatic negative thoughts, learning life’s greatest lessons are through our failures, brainstorming with strategic techniques and resources, challenging our struggles and turning them into strategies and empowering with keys of connection. As a life coach she loves helping others, she can help you identify obstacles that are holding you back, she can motivate you, unlock your potential and help you discover strategic thinking to solve high stress situations. She has one goal to walk alongside you—to add greater value to your life’s journey.

If you or someone you know is having a mental health crisis please reach out.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Or text “TALK” to 741741

Youth Coach –She is an expert at helping teens get a handle over their anxiety, empowering them with mindset tools to gain control over their lives to make better decisions based on values. Guiding them through healthy relationships, overcoming automatic negative thoughts, communication skills to enhance family, friends and work relationships. Teaching a better way to control their thoughts and reactions to life’s struggles help teens to become more resilient, to be proactive to situations instead of reactive, overcome set-backs that normally derail their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Life coaching focuses on forward focused thinking. Teens struggle with academic and peer pressures they can feel powerless to control, seeking out a life coach that is fun, empathic, relatable and certified Youth Coach gives them the step up needed to improve their personal and academic challenges.

Parenting Coach—She practices conscious awareness. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers or that she was a perfect parent. Rather than the focus being on just the child, parenting takes an understanding of the parent/child dynamics. Parents will learn empowering techniques to problem solve, assess situations, become consciously aware of their communication, increase personal growth, learn personality traits and how to use them to benefit communication, improve family relationships and accept yourself as a person, parent and individual.

Youth Leadership Development Trainer—She knows and has worked with youth for several years. Kids go to kids before they seek out an adult 9 times out of 10. Learn the skills to active listening, personality traits, values based relationships and communication skills. Are you wanting to discover the leader within you? The Youth of today will be the Leaders created for tomorrow. Develop the skills needed to lead your future. Leadership in any age or setting is how you influence others in communication, values and relationships.

Church Administration Teams—As a Christ follower she has researched several ways to create team work, communicate better with each other and with your congregation. Leadership issues go back to the biblical times where life changing lessons can be found. Discover your leadership qualities and traits that can help you hone in on discipleship. If you’re trying to influence even one person you are a leader and as a leader you will face challenges. Training leadership through a variety of issues that include identity, purpose, pride, self-leadership, criticism, change, diversity, teamwork and recruiting.

Business Leadership Development—As a successful business owner and now entrepreneur she can help you find strategies for struggles. Now more than ever there is a need for clear diversity, equity and inclusion as part of the handbook. Effective communication and collaboration are growth skills. Learn how to recognize, attract, position leaders by equipping them and empowering them. She will inspire you to inspire others to make essential changes every leader must embrace to develop the leaders around you.


Personal DevelopmentCertified Neuro-encoding Specialist, Certified Brian Health, Certified Life Coach I have tools to help you gain confidence, build resilience, discover your passion and set a vision for the future.

·        Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools

·        Tapping Technique Therapy

·        Recovering from Life’s Losses

·        Crisis and Trauma Recovery

·        Neuro-encoding Specialist

·        DISC Consultant

·        Killing the ANT's (Automatic Negative Thinking)

  Leadership Development: Certified YouthMax Coach, Certified Maxwell Leadership Team, Certified American Association of Christian Counselors, Certified DISC Behavioral Analysist, I have the tools to propel you further faster.

·     DISC Consultant

·     Leadership Matters

·     From Success to Significance

·     Values for Leadership

·     Communication and Collaboration

·     Change Your World

·     Recognize, Attract, Position Leaders

·     Equipping and Empowering Leaders

·     Youth Leadership Development

·     Biblical Applications to Leadership

·     Life Skills to Lead With

·     Sales Communication

·     Vision = Goals = Accountability ~ See it, Target it, Challenge it

  Social Emotional Awareness: Developing social awareness to increase true happiness and well-being for ourselves and for our communities.

Developing social awareness to increase true happiness and well-being for ourselves and for our communities.

·        Turning Point-16 week curriculum for self and other discovery

·        Turning Point Retreat

·        Turning Point Teen Advisory

·        Keys to Connection

·        Gaps in our Thinking

·        Failing Forward

·        Celebrating the Losses and Wins

·        Conscious Awareness

·        Aligning Relationships, Spiritual, Physical, Emotional & Financial

·        Building Resilient Children and Families

·        Potential Building and Self-Limiting Thoughts Deactivation

·        Strengthening Families

  Suicide Prevention and Awareness: Stop the stigma, bringing light into the darkness.

·        Community involvement

·        Resources

·        Activist

·        Lived Experience Facilitator

·        International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day facilitator

·        Hope, Hold On Pain Ends a Workbook on a grief journey of Suicide Loss

·        Surviving to Thriving

·        Grief in the Work Place

·        Recovery Strategies 4 Life, Healing your Spirit, Soul & Body

·        Trauma/Crisis Intervention

·        FEAR--Help Me!

·        Building Self/Valuing Others


Brenda Saxe
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