Diane Corica

Financial & Natural Health Coach


For years, my husband and I struggled with our finances. We had tried to do a budget at the beginning of our marriage but thought we did not make enough money for it to work.

We were living paycheck to paycheck, We had no money in savings, We did not know how to be ready for retirement, We had no money for our children’s college - We basically knew nothing about how to have financial health.

Years later, we decided to investigate the Dave Ramsey approach to finances – Totally changed our perspective and definitely “Wowed” us! How come nobody ever told us about this? We were able to have our house paid off in 18 months and now have an Emergency Fund and a workable plan for retirement. Since then, I have become a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach and would love to listen as you explain your financial difficulties and then guide you in making wise financial decisions. Whether you are looking at foreclosure or bankruptcy, dealing with collections, or just want to start off on the right foot, my goal is to show that no matter your age or circumstance, there is hope for your finances!

Diane Corica

Financial Coach