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Gen Martinez

Brain & Mind Health Coach


Are you a successful, put-together professional, but often feel frustrated in the privacy of your mind with unruly thoughts?

Or maybe you struggle with addiction, panic, or depression, which lurks in the shadows of your otherwise "normal" life.

Gen serves those in a thriving career or those picking up the pieces.

Her process is so effective, clients get results almost immediately, enjoying real transformation that propels them to joy and freedom. Whether it's a simple tune-up of the executive functions or an overhaul of the mind, the human brain is capable of improving at any age or stage.

We often don’t realize what our thoughts are telling our brains to do and how they sabotage our success, but it is possible to not only discover but change the thinking patterns that don't serve us. And not just our thoughts but our psychology! She has successfully changed her own psychology after a devastating life change, so she comes from a place of compassion.

From brain hacks to a deep dive into core beliefs, her techniques are backed by science and have been proven to be effective. She strategizes with her clients for the physical health of their brains as well, setting a firm foundation for the transformation they seek.

In addition to coaching, Gen offers workshops on Personal Growth, Brain Health, and DISC Personality Styles. She has authored a children’s book, The Master Potter, a story about identity and purpose as designed by a loving Creator. In her free time, she enjoys writing stories and blogs, as well as hiking, bicycling, and spending time with her large and unique family.



  • Life Coaching, American Association of Christian Counsellors (AACC)

  • Life Coaching, John Maxwell Team.

  • Neuroencoding Method of Coaching, Joseph McClendon III

  • DISC Personality Training for Adults and Youth, ohn Maxwell Group

  • Brain Health Training, Doctor Daniel Amen (Amen University)

  • Peer Counseling, International Center for Women’s Ministries

Gen Martinez
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