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Shana Allen

Certified JMT Trainer and Coach, Certified D.I.S.C Consultant


Collaboration * Communication * Connection

"As the founder of SM Coaching, partnering with Key Connections Mentoring Team and a Certified John Maxwell coach, trainer and speaker, I am dedicated to helping people and businesses meet their growth goals and develop communication skills that are sure to be a game changer, both personally and professionally.

Prior to joining the John Maxwell Team, I received my Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I have years of experience as a Human Resource Manager in the manufacturing, automotive, advertising and printing industry. I worked closely with businesses, assisting them from the ground up, developing employees and using strategic methods to increase production and sales.

In my years, as a Human Resource Professional, I’ve had exposure to just about every aspect of Human Resources and I truly enjoy the training and mentoring part of this job. Mentoring and coaching is my passion. I feel it is extremely important to develop each individual and organization in their own unique way.

Communication is inevitable in every relationship. How we communicate is key in our personal and professional lives. As a DISC certified Consultant, I educate, train and consult individuals and businesses to bring their communication skills to a higher level. Deep diving into communication through the DISC personality indicator test and using John Maxwell’s proven leadership principles, I have the ability to assess a situation, target the problem and implement a solution.

My goal is to help businesses and people reach their maximum potential by adding value to them and their organization. Many businesses rely on their people to be successful. Every person should have the self-confidence, desire, motivation and resources to achieve the goal at hand, both personally and professionally.

Bring a renewed life to your attitude, motivation and self-confidence through my training. Life is what you make it and I can meet you right where you are, as an individual or business, and guide you through your own successful journey."


  • Leadership / Personal Development – John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker

  • Communication Specialist – DISC Consultant

  • Developing Healthy Thinking – Empowered Living Teaching Team

Shana Allen
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